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The Butte Environmental Council (BEC) is a non-profit environmental organization based in Butte County, California. Our mission is to protect and defend the land, air and water of Butte County and the surrounding region through action, advocacy and education.  BEC was formed in 1975 and for over 40 years, BEC has had a significant voice in shaping the environment and policies of Butte County and beyond.

BEC in the News

October 23, 2018

Highlights and Sticky Notes:The Butte Environmental Council’s 43rd Anniversary Gala was held in the ARC Pavillion Saturday.
Within a hour of the event starting, the room was filled and the sounds of soulful alternative folk, thanks to the band Sunday Iris, welcomed members to their tables.Tags: no_tagby: ndcarter

September 23, 2018

Highlights and Sticky Notes:The event, hosted by the Butte Environmental Council (BEC), invited people from every walk of life, young and old, families and students, long time community members and those just passing through, to show love for the park by collecting and disposing of all the litter they could get their little hands on.Tags: no_tagby: ndcarter

September 17, 2018

Highlights and Sticky Notes:They gathered at two locations, Hooker Oak Park and the Annie K. Bidwell Parlor. From there they were sent to creeks throughout the city and picked up the trash they saw.Tags: no_tagby: ndcarter

BEC News Interests

October 10, 2018

Highlights and Sticky Notes:The chief item that irks many critics is $750 million to repair the Friant-Kern Canal and the Madera Canal, which run across about 200 miles of the San Joaquin Valley from Chowchilla to Bakersfield. The canals are critical for irrigating farms and have been damaged by years of farmers over-pumping groundwater, which has led to the ground sinking.
Critics say the farmers should pick up the bill for the canals.Tags: no_tagby: ndcarter

October 9, 2018

Highlights and Sticky Notes:Doug Obegi, an attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council, described how this could affect Sites: “When the water board adopts new standards for Delta outflow and Sacramento River inflows to the Delta, that would limit the periods of time when Sites could be diverting. It would significantly reduce the yield of the project.”Tags: no_tagby: ndcarter

October 2, 2018

Highlights and Sticky Notes:The Department of Water Resources said the Oct.1-Sept. 30 water year that ended Sunday was marked by hot and dry conditions, except for sporadic significant precipitation.
During the period, the statewide snowpack was just 58 percent of average by April 1, a dramatic reversal from the previous water year in which the pack reached 159 percent of average.Tags: no_tagby: ndcarter

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