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Board of Directors

The BEC Board of Directors determines policies, procedures and regulations for the conduct of the organization, helps in raising funds to finance BEC and its programs, promotes BEC in the community, and monitors its organizational performance. Terms are three years running with the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) with a maximum of three consecutive terms (9 years).   

BEC Board

Job duties include attendance of at least half of the yearly board meetings, participation in at least one (1) committee, and volunteering at BEC special events.  Board members will have opportunities to understand and make a difference on local and regional issues that impact our air, water, land and people.  Only BEC members are eligible to serve on the Board or on Committees.


If you are interested in serving on the BEC Board of Directors, please download and complete this Board Member Application form and submit by email to the BEC Executive Director.  If you have questions or would like to learn more about serving on the BEC board, please call and we'll be happy to discuss.

Meet our Current Board of Directors:

Mark Stemen, President
Mark is a professor of Geography and Planning at CSU, Chico, where he teaches environmental courses in sustainability and civic engagement. Known to his students as ‘Dr. Mark,’ he is recognized on the campus for his inspiring work with students and the community on issues of sustainability. Mark has served on the Board since 2010, and has been board president since 2011.  He led the effort to hire the new executive director, and he is currently working on the Humboldt Community Garden project.  Mark is also Chair of the City of Chico's Sustainability Task Force.

Julianne Riddle, Vice President
Julianne has been part of the Chico community since 2003. She completed her undergraduate studies at CSU, Chico with a degree in News-Editorial Journalism and Environmental Studies. She worked closely with fellow board member Mark Stemen on a number of projects. She was also the assistant director at E-ARC, where she planned events like the Tofurky Feed, assisted in planning This Way to Sustainability conference and hosted outreach events around campus. In addition she interned with BEC for a brief period.

She now works at the ChicoBag Company working closely with other environmental non-profits that use ChicoBag as a membership thank you gift, helping to reduce the blight of single-use plastic bags. Since she started there 8 years ago, she has taken a deeper interest in the issue of single-use waste and trying to foster a culture around her of promoting reusable products to help keep disposables out of the landfill.

Danielle Cresswell, BEC BoardDanielle Cresswell, Secretary
I moved to Chico from Arcata in 2000 with my future husband and everything I owned packed in a white Subaru station wagon.  In the subsequent 14 years, I've lived as a caretaker with my husband at the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve, completed a Master's Degree in Environmental Science at Chico State, helped to build sustainability strategy and practice for a local family business that has gone global, and been deeply engaged in raising two beautiful children. I have nearly 10 years experience working closely with counterparts from nonprofits and state and local agencies on cultural, ecological, economical, and political issues related to salmonids and river systems of northern California. In addition, I worked 4 years as a project scientist on groundwater and soil monitoring and remediation projects primarily in Butte, Tehama, and Glenn Counties. BEC provides invaluable service to our community, present and future, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to support this organization.

Michael McGinnisMichael McGinnis, Treasurer
I have over 40 years of experience either working for a non-profit agency or serving on the Boards of Directors of Non-Profit agencies. I was one of the co-founders of BEC in 1975, both serving on the original Board of Directors, as well as serving as its first General Manager.  Between the time period of 1976 and 1989 I served many different times on the BEC Board of Directors, leaving the Board during my first year as a City of Chico Council Member.

Juri G. Brilts
Recently retired as Manager of Grants at Butte College, Juri has secured grants and donations for CSU, Chico and Butte College.  He has a Master’s in Community Design and has worked with non-profits, K-12’s, and universities in management consulting and strategic planning, He worked with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office on technology funding for all 108 community colleges where he consulted with Apple and Google. Formerly, he was on the Lassen Park Foundation Board.  He has developed  Leadership Programs for  Chambers of Commerce.and conducted Grant Development workshops for the North Valley Community Foundation. Juri was appointed to the BEC Board in April 2015.

Steve HandySteve Handy
Born in Baltimore, MD  “but raised by a pack of wild wolves”  in Anchorage, AK, Steve worked on the Alaska Oil Pipeline in Valdez as a Union Carpenter.  He moved to Corvallis, OR in 1976 and worked for the OR Department of Fish & Wildlife remodeling fish hatcheries.  He became a member of the Board of Directors for 1st Alternative Food Co-Op, organizing fundraising events for expansion and completion of a new store.  He was Campaign Coordinator for Benton County, OR on a successful state ballot initiative to prevent new construction of nuclear power plants until a permanent nuclear waste facility could be built. Steve has a degree from Oregon State University in Secondary Education with a minor in Technology Education.  In 1989 he moved to Boulder, CO and then back to Alaska where he tutored reading and math.  A 33-day road trip down the Alaskan highway brought him to Chico in August 2012 which he now considers his home.  He is active with BEC's Humboldt Community Garden.  Steve also plays viola and has performed with the Anchorage Symphony and in many musicals, weddings, gallery openings, and other events.  Steve was appointed to the BEC Board in November 2012 and was elected to the BEC board in summer of 2013.

Kevin Killion BEC Board memberKevin Killion

Kevin is a Chico native who is actively dedicating his life and energies to promote and create a genuinely sustainable local region and globe. Having certification in Sustainability Studies from Butte College he now attends Chico State. Kevin has worked with the statewide and local chapters of California Student Sustainability Coalition for 2 years now in various positions including Convergence Coordinator and currently the Operating Team Co-Chair. His emphasis is on joining diverse movements in common cause, and working with the Chico area movers and shakers to build and protect the natural and human community.

Skye LiSkye Li 
Skye has been sitting on the BOD of BEC since March of 2012. She is a long time environmental and social justice advocate. Skye worked for Chico State's AS Recycling Program, providing outreach and education on recycling issues for two years. She is heavily committed to community building and has volunteered her time to numerous non-profits in and out of the area. Skye has a strong background in organizing, event planning, and non-profit development.  

Luann Manss BEC BoardLuann Manss
Luann has been a resident of Chico since 2001. She has been involved with BEC as a volunteer and member since 2012. She completed her undergraduate studies at CSU, Chico and is now pursuing a Masters Degree in Political Science. As an undergrad she was active in campus life including serving as the Associated Students Commissioner of Environmental Affairs, being the assistant for the CSU, Chico Campus Conservation Committee, a member of Sustainable Consultation of Office Practices (SCOOP), intern with Associated Students Sustainability, member of Sustainable Engineering and Environmental Health for Development (SEEHD), and a member of the This Way to Sustainability Conference Planning Committee. During her time with BEC she has coordinated the BEC Birthday Gala (2012) and the Environmental Coalition Community Gathering (2013 & 2014) and is currently Chair of the Events Committee. Having experience in environmental outreach and education, and fundraising, she wants to use her passion and knowledge to continue aiding in the growth of the Butte Environmental Council. 

Grace MarvinGrace Marvin, Advocacy Chair
While I had been a longtime member of BEC and the Sierra Club, my interest in the local environment accelerated after I retired from CSU-Chico, in 2000. I became Chair and, now, am Conservation Chair of the Sierra Club's Yahi Group. I learned much about how local politics, activist efforts, and organizational constraints interact with the environment, e.g., Bidwell Park, mining, air quality, zoning/ development pressures, and forestry. Recent special interests of mine in sustainability and water issues brought BEC's needs and special attributes into sharper focus. I hope to continue furthering BEC's outspoken and intelligent advocacy for our environment.  (Grace was appointed to the BEC Board in fall 2011 and was elected in summer 2012.)  

John ScottJohn Scott
I joined the Butte Environmental Council shortly after retiring and moving to Butte Valley in 2005. I was first appointed to the Board of Directors in July of 2009.  I enjoy organic gardening, winemaking and staying on the pulse of county government. I see hydraulic fracking as a moral issue and it must be banned. There are alternatives for energy, but there are No alternatives for water. In 2010 I started the Butte Valley Coalition to protect the fragile, shallow groundwater of Butte Valley.  I represent groundwater users on the Butte County Water Commission, as well as being the Cherokee Watershed representative on the Water Commission Water Advisory Committee. I also serve on the Board of Directors of Handi-Riders, Snow Goose Festival organizing committee, a member of the Sacramento River Preservation Trust and the Sierra Club/ Yahi Group in Chico. I’m honored to be part of the BEC organization; advocating for: our Air, Water and Land for all future generations.  My hobbies are organic gardening on our 5 acres.  I am a BEC Angel and am honored to have served on the board since 2009.

Sharon WallaceSharon Wallace BEC Board
been very active in north valley environmental and civic organizations since graduating from CSU Chico in 1983.  An early interest in land-use planning led to a 4-yr appointment to Chico's Architectural Review Board, followed by long-term service on the Boards of River Partners, the Northern California Regional Land Trust, and the League of Women Voters. Most recently I served on the Board of Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance which subsequently merged with BEC to form a countywide watershed education and advocacy program.  (Sharon was appointed to the BEC board in November 2013 and was elected in June 2014.


Interested in serving on the BEC Board?

Board elections take place every June and any current BEC member is eligible to stand for office.  Vacancies may sometimes be available between elections, in which case an interested applicant could be appointed to the BEC Board.  Download and complete this Board Member Application form and submit by email to the BEC Executive Director.  Please call the BEC office for inquiries.
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