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Chico Bicycle Music Festival

Check back here for more details about the 2019 CBMF!

The Chico Bicycle Music Festival (CBMF) is an annual community event promoting human-scale transportation and talented local musicians through innovation, bicycles and community.


This event has taken place annually on the first Saturday in June in past years.  It is considered to be a finale to BIKE month, a national and local campaign promoting bicycling to work, school and play. 





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This festival is for all ages and free to the public. The audience runs the amplified sound by pedaling to generate power. This gets people moving to the music and participating in a new way of thinking of energy.

Bicycling to two different venues also gives the community a feel for moving themselves on a bicycle and realizing how fun and easy it is. We have volunteers helping to make the festival run smoothly and efficiently all day.

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History of the festival:

The festival began in 2007 in San Francisco, and has since doubled in size each year. The concept has been emulated up and down the West Coast, with a Bicycle Music Festival in Eugene OR, Portland OR, Seattle WA, and Vancouver as well. We encourage you to start one in your city!

Pedal Powered Generator and Electricity:

Our system for amplification is all pedal-powered. Meaning that you, YES YOU! are going to be the one pedaling the energy. Chico Bicycle Music Festival has invested in building our own pedal powered generator. Each year we are improving on our generator and our sound gear.

After the success of the 2009 festival and the enthusiasm from a couple of brilliant friends, we invested in a system that can last Chico for a lifetime. Now not only will the CBMF be forever with us every BIKE month, we can also use the system at: school dances, movie in the park night, late night farm parties and much much more.

The Pedal Powered generator is as follows: we have an eight foot steel frame with a steel bar running down the middle. Four trainers are welded to the frame and hold four back tires of bicycles to the bar. The spinning of the wheels spins the bar. The bar is connected with a pulley to a 550 watt motor, wired to a charge controller wired to a deep cycle car battery hooked up to a Pure Sine Wave 1500 watt PowerBrite inverter.


Also to see all the smiles of the community that comes out for the event, check out our flickr album.

And watch a YouTube video.