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Bringing together local environmental orgs. and their supporters for a night of conversation and celebration.

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Community Water Forums

In an effort to provide entry-level water knowledge to the citizens of both the campus and local communities, local environmental groups have come together to host educational water forums where these individuals can learn about California's water issues through informational presentations and collaborative discussions. In total, four forums were hosted.  Find links below.

Forums are Held in new ARTS building, Room 111 on the CSU Chico Campus from 6:00 to 7:30pm


The Delta, What is it? and How does it affect you?  (November 9, 2016)

The San Francisco Bay Delta is the largest estuary on the Pacific Coast of the Americas. In this video, Natalie Carter, Executive Director of Butte Environmental Council provides a natural history of the Bay Delta, explaining how human activities have caused significant changes in its ecosystem over the past 150-plus years. Next, US Bureau of Reclamation's Bay-Delta office Manager, Michelle Banonis, discusses the Bay Delta’s relationship to California water. She gives an overview of the massive federal Central Valley Project that includes 20 dams and reservoirs, 11 power plants, and 500 miles of canals. This huge infrastructure has greatly affected the Bay Delta ecosystem, especially the amount of freshwater that flows into the Bay. Both speakers conclude by offering possible solutions to improving the natural values of the Bay Delta. Presentation Time:  1 hour, 29 minutes

December 14, 2016:  Seeking Solutions: Solving California's Water Storage With The Drought As The New Normal

As California enters another year of drought conditions, Citizens Water Watch Chair, Robyn DiFalco points out that California’s water crisis cannot be solved with the same thinking and engineering that helped cause the crisis in the first place; adaptation and conservation are the only solutions. This presentation focuses on water recycling, conservation, efficiency, and water storage strategies. These strategies have been identified in recent studies as the most effective and achievable options for transforming the water supply-demand equation in California. Presentation Time:  1 hour, 6 minutes

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February 8, 2017:  H20 Origins: Where our water comes from, and where it goes.

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