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What will you do for Earth Day this year?  Join BEC at the Big Room for the local premier of a new film "Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch".  Any donation gets you in the door and proceeds benefit three local nonprofit organizations.


This years theme, The Webs of Life, focuses on the importance of connections within and dependence on nature and one another.  Learn more about the exiting new changes this year and mark your calendars.


If you shop at the Grocery Outlet, you know that their voluminous wine selection can be pretty daunting. Here's your chance to unlock the Wine Mysteries of the Grocery Outlet and help support BEC at the same time!


Dig-in for this hands-on Lawn Conversion workshop to conserve water, and create bird habitat.  In Chico, water use goes up 60% in the summertime when we start watering our landscaping, so being mindful of what we plant can add up to huge water savings.


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Water Export: Everybody's Business

Life, nature, politics, allies and adversaries, and water all go in cycles.  Back in the day, farmers were the original environmentalists, until the time when industrial farming and the ‘Green Revolution’ became popular and there was a split in vision between agriculture and environmentalism that has lasted decades.  However, over the last few years the divide is becoming less and less, as farmers and environmentalists are finding common ground on issues such as the important of a local food supply, protection of farmland from urban sprawl, the need to protect local water resources, and in some cases dam removal. 

In an effort to further the conversation about water in our area between these two stakeholder groups, and explore how we can support local farming and at the same time protect the environment, Butte Environmental Council is hosting a community event entitled Water Export: everybody’s business.  The event promises respectful and interesting discussion on timely water issues that face the north state, including water export, the Twin Tunnels, and balancing water rights with maintaining sustainable water supplies.

About the Presenters:

Ashley Indrieri is the Executive Director of the Family Water Alliance, a coalition of people who are concerned about the future of agriculture, private property rights, rural communities, and the balance between man and nature.

Carol Perkins is the Water Policy Advocate for Butte Environmental Council, whose mission is to protect and defend the land, air and water of Butte County and the surrounding region. 

This event is a part of a larger series focused around water, both local and global.  Code Blue is a water engagement campaign with the purpose of empowering the community to understand timely water issues and take part in the solutions. 


Event Location: 
Chico Branch Library, 1103 Sherman Ave.
Chico  California  95926
United States
Contact Phone: 
(530) 891-6424
Date of Event: 
May 14, 2013: 5:30pm to 7:00pm