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Humboldt Community Garden

Humboldt Community Garden Summer 2012

BEC started a new community garden in June 2012 and it has become a great success story.  The garden is located at the corner of Humboldt Rd & El Monte in Chico, CA.  We have 55 plots, each with its own hose bib so you can install your own irrigation system.  We're also looking for folks who want to get involved in the Garden Committee and provide leadership and guidance to the garden.



How it all got started

In 2011, BEC began working with the City of Chico to establish a community garden on unimproved city land across from Marsh Jr. High School.  The city purchased the land for a park over twenty years ago, and a portion is currently being used as a storm water retention basin. After a lot of help from city staff and members of the community, we were able to strike a deal. In spring 2012 BEC signed a lease with the City of Chico to use the property for a community garden.

The Humboldt Community Garden operates under BEC’s non-profit status.  Individuals who want to use the garden, in turn signed “member” agreements with BEC. These agreements contain the rules and responsibilities of all parties. The garden operates using a typical community garden governance structure.  An advisory committee of garden “members” oversees the garden, with the help of a garden coordinator.  All decisions are made democratically at monthly member meetings.

The Humboldt Community Garden started as a one-acre plot surrounded by a five-foot high wire fence.  The space is divided into twenty-seven 15’x15’ and twelve 25’x25’ individual garden plots, three 25’x60’ “agency gardens”, and a 40’x60’ picnic area.  A central pavilion area allows for cooking demonstrations on site, connecting field to fork. While the garden is within walking distances of five major apartment complexes and sits along a main bike path, it is assumed that some gardeners will drive. So, the garden is set back 150’ from Humboldt Ave to allow for off-street parking in front of the garden.

View photo albums of the garden on facebook.

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Membership rates for a one-year plot lease for the 2016-17 garden year:
$75 for a 15x15 plot (225 square feet)
$175 for a 25x25 plot (625 square feet)

The lease includes water, limited liability insurance (a city requirement) and access to community tools and finished compost or bark chips, depending on available supplies.  The Humboldt Community Garden is intended to be self-supporting.  All improvements to the plot are the responsibility of the gardener.