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Neighborhood Tree Planting

Neighborhood Tree Planting

Butte Environmental Council is happy to announce a new progam, Neighborhood Tree Planting. We will plant 100 trees in neighborhoods in Chico to increase our urban forest.

Through this program, volunteers will help make an impact on the community by planting a total of 100 trees.  Volunteers will be planting at pre-idenfifed spots and planting various tree types such as oak trees, sycamore, and pine. Volunteers will be lead by a group leader and be shown the safe and correct way to plant trees. 

Join us for a volunteer day full of fun and help us reach our goal! Check below for more information about our first tree planting date.

Next Planting Day:

Sunday April 7th


Check in Location:

Annie K Bidwell Parlor (965 Salem St)


Urban Forests

There are many benefits of planting urban tress, the first being that they provide oxygen for us to breathe. But there are many more benefits such as how trees help our enironment, help us physically includeing mental, and lastly trees help bring our community together.

Urban trees clean the air, filter storm runoff, provide a benefical cooling effect, increase property values and saves electricity. 

Urban trees help encourage physical exercise, reduce the conditions of the air that causes asthma, and intercept airborne, solid particles that would enter the lungs. 

Urban trees help reduce stress, preven heat stroke by blocking the sun, add beauty, create an environment beneficial to our mental health, provide privacy, and a sense of security. 

Urban trees help increase social interaction, enhance community economic stability by attracting businesses and tourit, add value to neighborhoods, and absorb traffic noise and increase privacy. 

Funding for this California Climate Investments grant project has been provided through California ReLeaf and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal FIRE), Urban and Community Forestry Program.