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Oak Restoration

Restoring Oak Woodlands in Bidwell Park

BEC's Oak Restoration is going into its 4th and final year! Check out the updated results of the program below, all thanks to our hardworking volunteers over this past summer.

2016 Oak Assessment Day Results

To stay informed about volunteering and progress, see our Tree People list using the link below.

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Alexandria |

A group of our amazing volunteers ready for watering!

Volunteers after caging an oak seedling.

Thank to our funder, partners, and sponsors!



One of our hard-working interns on an oak watering Sunday.   A healthy plot at 5-mile, with three valley oak seedlings sprouting up.

Oak woodlands are valuable wildlife habitat and a major draw for community recreation.  Unfortunately, only about a third of California’s oak woodlands remain, and in Butte County both Valley and Blue Oaks are not regenerating adequately to ensure ecological survival.  Intensive agriculture, woodcutting, and development are the main causes for the loss, and browsing and invasive plant species have been identified as inhibitors to regeneration. 

Projects like these, that plant trees and encourage help from the community, can restore habitats and highlight the value of oaks for individuals.  The fact that 80% of California’s hardwood rangelands are privately held and only about 4% of California’s remaining woodlands are protected makes this project and location unique and critically important.  The work plan was developed based on the feedback from numerous local stakeholders and experts who have experience with oak planting efforts, from publications by the California Oaks Foundation, by reviewing documents including the Butte County Oak Woodlands Management Plan and the Bidwell Park Master Management Plan, and through interviews with Magic Inc. Releaf in Palo Alto. 

This project is generously supported by The California Wildlife Foundation, an organization committed to protect the rich diversity of wildlife species in California.  To get a quick glimpse of what we've done and what we will be doing, check out the project timeline below:

The Oak Restoration Project timeline, beginning in 2014 and ending in 2017.


* Spring 2016 Progress Report with photos and data.