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Oak Way Community Garden

Oak Way Garden, Butte Environmental Council

Located at 8th Ave & Highway 32 (Nord), the Oak Way Community Garden is adjacent to the Oak Way Community Park.  Like the Humboldt Community Garden, BEC entered into a no-cost lease with the City of Chico for the use of the land. BEC is now leasing out plots to members of the community.

There will be two plot sizes, 15x15 and 25x25, and each plot will come with its own water spigot. Plot leases will run March to February. Regulations and rates are the same for both Community Gardens: $75 for 15x15 and $175 for 25x25.

BEC partnered with Disability Action Center to design the Oak Way Community Garden so it will be universally accessible to all gardeners in our community.  We are also going to be creating an area with elevated or vertical garden beds specifically for gardeners who have their mobility limited by age or disability.