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Procession of Species


Since 2009 The Butte Environmental Council has sponsored a puppet parade—The Procession of the Species—as part of its Endangered Species Faire.  The 2018 Procession and Faire will be held Saturday, May 4 at Cedar Grove in Bidwell Park.

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ESF parade

This education based event focuses on kids K-8 and their knowledge of our world's threatened and endangered animals. As it is our tradition, the leaders and volunteers in the project will provide lots of support for those who would like to participate in this year's puppet making. 

We present four different workshops to help children prepare for the Procession of the Species--(1) an introduction to endangered species and puppet-making, (2) creating paper-sculptured animal puppets, (3) papier mache, and (4) painting. Contact us at the BEC office for more info about Puppet Making Workshops in Classrooms.

Below is our Puppet Handbook that is jam packed full of helpful information.  It contains all the material that our volunteers would present in the classroom workshops, as well as more detail about our offered workshops. So, teachers: please feel free to print it out and use it as a guide!  There are step by step instructions for working with paper mache and there are pictures of puppets from past years to share with the kids.  Please utilize this resource!

Download Procession of the Species Handbook here

We invite everyone to  join us in the parade, as musicians or costumed animals or plants. If you would like to participate in the parade, contact the BEC office to register and give us more details using this online form. We hope to see you there! 






Click here to register for the Procession of the Species!