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Programs and Events

BEC's Current Programs and Events

The Butte Environmental Council organizes and hosts several annual events focused on positive change, on behalf of the environment, within Butte County communities. In addition to our events, our ongoing programs are designed to impact multi-generational understanding of ways we can collectively support a healthier future for all. We are presently experience a time that provides an opportunity to empower cultural shifts in the way we view our connection to our environment. Activating the next generation of environmental leaders and consistently offering campaigns for civic engagement is a key goal for BEC moving forward.


  • The Bidwell Park and Chico Creeks Cleanup: This annual event, in its 33rd year, provides the opportunity for Butte County citizens to work together towards a common goal; protecting our shared natural spaces and waterways. Without regular removal of man-made waste and debris, the water quality of local creeks, channels and streams would be greatly impacted, negatively affecting the flora and fauna dependent on these riparian habitats. Coming together in large numbers to participate in this level of community service has a profoundly positive impact on the personal connection and relationship to our natural spaces, increasing happiness and quality of life.
  • The Endangered Species Faire: This annual event, in its 41st year, is designed to give local school classrooms, government agencies, environmental organizations and community groups a platform to present information on ecology, wildlife and a host of environmental issues. Those who attend the Faire have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and appreciation for the natural world in two ways: by viewing the exhibits and listening to the speakers and performances, or by participating in hands-on educational activities and interaction with knowledgeable experts. The Faire also offers teachers an opportunity to develop an environmental education project as part of their classroom curriculum every spring.
  • The Chico Bicycle Music Festival: This annual event, in its 11th year, combines local music with inspiring ideas on sustainability for transportation, energy use and community gathering. Local musicians are showcased with Live-On-Bike performances and a "pedal-powered" stage that runs off grid, powered by audience members riding stationary bicycles connected to a power generator. This event exemplifies and fun and exciting way to explore ideas of fossil fuel independence. The CBMF is considered a local finale to BIKE Month, a national and local campaign promoting bicycling to work, school and play.
  • The Environmental Coalition Gathering: This annual event, in its 8th year, provides a lively capstone celebration to the Spring This Way to Sustainability Conference at CSU, Chico and has three main goals. 1) Offer both conference attendees and the community at large a capstone event to share conversations and inspiration they received from the conference with like-minded individuals, harnessing momentum to create solutions to environmental issues. 2) Serve as a platform for local environmental organizations, groups and agencies to showcase their ongoing and recent efforts as well as present opportunities for involvement to those interested. 3) Provide avenues for students and residents of Butte County to become educated and connected to environmental work or volunteering in the area in efforts to bridge the gap between learning and action.
  • The Recycling and Rubbish Education Program: A Butte County funded program that seeks to educate Butte County's community about the solid waste stream and the importance of the 4R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (compost). The RARE program provides FREE hands-on, interactive, and fun educational workshops for ages K-12 in the areas of Recycling, Compost, and Auto Oil Recycling.
  • Urban Tree Planting with the City of Chico: BEC has partnered with the City of Chico on a 3-year grant with Cal-Fire to increase the number of its urban street trees. As the city embarks on this urban forest planting campaign, BEC will serve as the lead non-profit partner to organize and host an Earth Day weekend tree pick-up and planting event. BEC will utilize its strong connections with environmental groups including Chico Tree Advocates, Butte County Master Gardeners and CSU, Chico Community Action Volunteer and Education (CAVE) to assist with outreach of optimal sites for planting in the spring of 2020 and planting efforts on the weekend of tree pickup.
  • Oaks Restoration Program: Through the generous funding and support from the California Wildlife Foundation, the Butte Environmental Council has been able to provide the community that enjoys Bidwell Park consistent opportunities to gain knowledge, improve wildlife habitat and care for sensitive oak woodlands in our region. This project supports the goals of the Bidwell Park Master Management Plan including; involvement of the public in oak woodlands restoration; increasing oak recruitment; and supplemental oak planting.
  • Community Forum Program: This program, ignited as a response to increased involvement in Butte County environmental policies following the Camp Fire, is a six part climate change focused community forum series designed to engage community discussion and provide scientific based education on complex environmental issues as they arise and take form.

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