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Help protect the Feather River Canyon: Watch "On The Wrong Track" here.


"The Biggest Book Club in the North State: Reading Water"

BEC's Robyn DiFalco and Carol Perkins speak in this June KIXE special on Robert Glennon's "Unquenchable", the current Book-In-Common.


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Seeking Solutions: Solving California’s Water Shortage
Seeking Solutions: Solving California’s Water Shortage

Robyn DiFalco points out that California’s water crisis cannot be solved with the same thinking and engineering that helped cause the crisis in the first place; adaptation and conservation are the only solutions. This presentation focuses on water recycling, conservation, efficiency, and water storage strategies. These strategies have been identified in recent studies as the most effective and achievable options for transforming the water supply-demand equation in California.

BEC Activism03of03_1
BEC Code Blue: Action How-To

The tireless Pamm Larry, BEC's 2012 Environmentalist of the Year Award Winner, on activism.

BEC Activism02of03
BEC Code Blue: Action How-To

Marty Dunlap leads this part of the Code Blue Activism workshop from Fall 2013.

BEC Activism01of03
BEC Code Blue: Action How-To

Nani Teves leads this Code Blue Activism workshop from Fall 2013.

Turning Green - Pedal Power
Chico Bicycle Music Festival

Chico Bicycle Music Festival segment of Turning Green video series produced by Bruce Jans and edited by Jim Miller.
Creating the Humboldt Community Garden

This video documents the first few months of establishing BEC's brand new community garden.  It was produced by Shannon Johnson in spring 2012. Click here to learn more about BEC's Humboldt Community Garden.

Endangered Species Faire 2013
Endangered Species Faire - 2013 promo

BEC hosts the 34th annual Endangered Species Faire in Bidwell Park's lovely Cedar Grove near the Nature Center.  The Procession of the Puppets features hundreds of children who have made papier mache puppets of endangered animals.  Save the date for May 4th, 2013!

BEC's Legacy

This video was produced in 2011 and conveys the importance of BEC's advocacy work to protect the environment.

Smart Mouse PSA

Who tests common cleaning products for safety? Watch and learn...

Safer Cleaning Public Service Advertisement

A lightning-fast overview of safer, less-toxic alternatives to common cleaning products.

Toxic Trails in and Around YOUR Home
Toxic Trails in and Around YOUR Home

Are you aware of the toxic chemicals that may be in and around your home?

Toxic Beauty FINAL 1
Toxic Beauty FINAL 1

We put out a call to all the high schools in Butte County: Help us create a new PSA for our Alternatives to Toxics grant! Oroville High School students came up with the winning concept, and the excellent Brian Peterson of Peterson Pro Video worked with them to create this piece. Made by teenagers, it sends a message that resonates with them. Our thanks to the OHS students and Julie McCullough for their enthusiasm and creativity--and, Wow! You guys rock!