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Ways to Get Involved

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We need help - lots of help!  BEC has a small staff but many dedicated volunteers who are responsible for much of our success.  From helping with events, folding newsletters, or serving on a committee, volunteers are the backbone of this grassroots organization and there are plenty of opportunities for people with a variety of interests, availabilities, and skills.

Volunteer on Office Tasks
Newsletters and other bulk-mailers happen almost every month and we rely on volunteers to help with folding and labeling.  We usually put out a call to our volunteer list at least a few days in advance when we have a mailing coming up.  Besides mailers, there are other office projects such as data entry, organizing our library, cleaning, or even craft projects that we could use some help with. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and feel free to call our office or email BEC with any questions. If have a special skill to share, please let us know in the form below! We'll keep your information on file and give you a call when our needs coincide with your abilities. Please feel free to call our office or email us with any questions.

Volunteer at an Event

If you are interested in volunteering for another specific event, please visit the registration page for that event on our website. At any time of year, we welcome your help planning an upcoming event as well as help with set-up, clean-up or other tasks during the day of the event. 

Volunteer with a Program

If you would like to volunteer for the Oak Restoration Project, please register here.

Volunteers at BEC Birthday Bash 2012
Download our Fall 2019 Internship Handout for information about our upcoming internship opportunities. BEC welcomes internships year-round but typically has interns during the spring and fall, coinciding with the school year.  We welcome students from Butte College, Chico State, high school or even recent grads.  We can help you fulfill any course requirements through your academic program and will offer some structure and guidance throughout your internship.  We are usually recruiting to fill specific internship roles such as Event Planning, Publicity/PR, Advocacy, or Garden Assistant, but also welcome interns who are generalists and willing to help wherever needed.  There is an expectation that you will make a commitment for a specified time period and that you will be self-motivated and assertive about stepping up for projects.  Many of BEC's former interns have gone on to do great things and we believe you'll learn a great deal during your time here. Please call, email, or visit our office to inquire about specific openings or to get more information about the internship experience. 


Serve on a BEC Committee
One of the most valuable ways to help BEC is to volunteer as a member of a BEC Committee.  Whether you're interested in advocacy issues, planning events, helping with the community garden, or helping with BEC administrative tasks, your participation on a committee would be most welcome.  You must be a BEC member to serve on a committee.
Serve on the BEC Board of Directors
The BEC Board is responsible for overseeing organizational governance and policy but members of the board usually serve because they are interested in being active in BEC's work.  Each board member has an opportunity to pursue their advocacy passions on environmental issues or apply their skills and interests in an administrative or creative capacity. You must be an active BEC member to serve on the Board. Visit the board page to learn more about expectations and responsibilities and to download an application form.
Fulfill Community Service
If the court has ordered you to fulfill community service to pay off a fine, we will typically direct you to our Humboldt Community Garden where we need assistance doing physical labor outdoors such as digging, pushing wheelbarrows, weeding, etc.  We do not always have enough "light duty" office work on a consistent basis to help fulfill community service requirements.  Call the BEC office to inquire about this possibility.