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Watershed Education

What is a watershed?

A natural or disturbed system that functions in a manner to collect, store, and discharge water to a common outlet, such as a larger stream, lake, or ocean. Learn more from the U.S. E.P.A.

The Sacramento River Watershed



There are six subregions of the Sacramento River Watershed:

1. Northeast Subregion

2. Eastside Subregion

3. Sacramento Valley Subregion

4. Westside Subregion

5. Feather River Subregion

6. American River Subregion








Butte County Watersheds

All of Butte County's watersheds are located within the Eastside and Feather River subregions.

There are five watersheds that lie within Butte County boundaries:

  • Big Chico Creek
  • Butte Creek
  • Upper Feather River
  • Lower Feather River
  • Sacramento Valley Subregion

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Threats to our local watersheds

Read more about BEC's water advocacy efforts.