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On The Wrong Track

On The Wrong Track: Crude Oil Trains in California's Feather River Canyon

California's Feather River Canyon is identified as a hazardous rail route yet crude oil trains use it as a primary route to the refineries. 
This documentary produced by Paul Rea, Adrian Roberts and Michael Weissenborn takes a look at this issue.






• Brian Good


• Paul W. Rea
• Mike Weissenborn 


• Brian Good
• Adrian Roberts 
• Mike Weissenborn 


• Brian Good
• Adrian Roberts 
• Mike Weissenborn 


• Adrian Roberts 
• Mike Weissenborn 

Voice-Over Narration

• Alice Roberts 


• Katy Polony  


• Paul W. Rea 

Citizens Providing Interviews . . . 

• Marlene del Rosario, Oroville, CA  
• Robyn DiFalco, Chico, CA
• Dave Garcia, Yankee Hill, CA
• Michael B. Jackson, Quincy, CA 
• Dallas Jones, Paradise, CA 
• Dr. Ken Logan, Chico, CA 
• Betty MacDonald-Brown, Oroville, CA 
• Bruce McKalson, Paradise, CA 
• Loren and Rhonda Perkins, Storrie, CA
• John L. Scott, Butte Valley, CA 
• Joni Clark Stellar, Oroville, CA 

Photographic Sources

• Bunker Films 
• California Public Utilities Commission
• California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento 
• California State University, Chico
• Cal Trans 
• Forest Ethics 
• Jake Miille Photography
• Adrian Roberts & Associates 
• Michael Weissenborn 

Financial and Other Contributions

• Jane Bark 
• Sandy Cashmark 
• Brian Good 
• Paul W. Rea 
• Adrian Roberts 
• Mike Weissenborn 
• John L. Scott 

Special Thanks To . . . 

• The Butte Environmental Council 
• Dave Garcia, Butte County Fracking Ban Initiative
• Jake Miille
• Chris Nelson, KZFR Radio 
• Joni Clark Stellar, broad-spectrum activist  
• Steve Tchudi, KZFR Radio 
• Shoshana Wechsler, Sunflower Alliance