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Classroom Workshops




Free RARE Workshops

- 45-90 minutes in length

- Available to all K-12 Butte County Students

- In-Class or Virtual Options

- Easy online booking

- Aligned with CA EEI Standards

- Helps students cultivate an understanding of their relationship with the environment!



Recycling Workshop

Age-relevant activities and presentations

Discuss importance of the 4 R's:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (Compost)

​Discover which items to recycle,
and strategies for recycling at school/home

Learn about household hazardous waste
(light bulbs, batteries, paint, etc.)

Includes follow-up activities and lessons


Composting Workshop

Students build a worm bin in the classroom

Discover the anatomy and importance of
red wiggler worms
 in composting

Learn about the science of decomposition
and components of healthy soil

Discuss which items can and cannot be
 at home

Includes follow-up activities and lessons



Teacher Testimonials

“We were beyond excited to learn about recycling and composting from the RARE program. It provided so much knowledge to myself and my class. We are enthusiastically making steps in the right direction to help make our lives more sustainable. My students loved the lesson so much that many of them were taking notes! Thank you for the positive impact that the RARE program had on my class. .”
-Emily Lamb, 6th Grade, Central Middle School
 “The RARE program... is a fantastic way to teach our students the responsibilities we must take on...caring for our planet. The hands on approach captures the students everytime!”
-Elisa Huru, 3rd Grade, Oakdale Heights Elementary
"The zoom workshop on vermiculture was exceptional in delivery, information gleaned from the students, and for engagement. My students felt empowered that they could easily contribute to a waste solution after being a part of this introductory exposure. We are going to start a class worm bin and several students are working on one at home too!"
Kristen Del Real, 6th grade Science, Chico Jr High
"While so many students are aware that human caused climate change is happening, I was amazed at how little many of the students knew about the 4 R's. RARE helps to provide much needed education for this next generation of students in order to reduce human consumption and waste."
-Don Collins, 6th grade Social Studies, Chico Jr High

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