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Chico Bicycle Music Festival

Chico Bicycle Music Festival - Livestreamed June 12, 2021

Community Supported, Pedal-Powered, Annual Music Event

This year, the 12th Annual CBMF will be a VIRTUAL live-streamed event where two bands will perform at our traditional location off Normal Ave on the PEDAL-POWERED stage. We are hosting a Pedal-a-Thon in the weeks leading up to the main event, during bike month, to *generate* excitement and raise funds for causes that benefit biking and the environment in our region!

CLICK HERE TODAY for the full event experience enter the sweepstakes to win prizes, purchase merch, donate to the bands by buying a ticket for the livestream. You can also watch the livestream for free at our YouTube page. Subscribe to our channel at

Anyone can participate in the Pedal-a-Thon! Register as an individual or a team, get flat donations and/or earn pledges for how many miles you will pedal during this time. Up until June 12th, track your miles pedaled through Strava or a similar app. Winners will be announced at the CBMF on June 12th! Proceeds benefit BEC, the bands, and a local biking or environmental group of the winner's choice.



Past Chico Bicycle Music Festivals

Photos by Sesar Sanchez

The Chico Bicycle Music Festival (CBMF) is an annual event in Chico Ca, free for all ages, combining local music with radical ideas on sustainability for transportation, energy use and community gathering. Local musicians are showcased with Live-On-Bike performances and a "pedal-powered" stage that runs off grid, powered by audience members riding stationary bicycles connected to a power generator! It is a full day of bikes, great music, fun, food & drinks, and a platform to explore community gathering in support of a more sustainable future. 

The CBMF is considered a local finale to BIKE Month, a national and local campaign promoting bicycling to work, school and play.


The event begins at 3rd and Flume, in Chico, where all event goers can meet on bike to start off the day. Riders proceed together collectively to two different locations while experiencing live-on-bike performances and enjoying the views of Bidwell Park and the City of Chico. Our amazing core volunteers help to make the festival run smoothly and efficiently all day.

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A history of the festival:

The festival began in 2007 in San Francisco, and has since doubled in size each year. The concept has been emulated up and down the West Coast, with a Bicycle Music Festival in Eugene OR, Portland OR, Seattle WA, and Vancouver as well. We encourage you to start one in your city!

Pedal Powered Generator and Electricity:

Our system for amplification is all pedal-powered. Meaning that you, YES YOU! are going to be the one pedaling the energy. Chico Bicycle Music Festival has invested in building our own pedal powered generator. Each year we are improving on our generator and our sound gear.

After the success of the 2009 festival and the enthusiasm from a couple of brilliant friends, we invested in a system that can last Chico for a lifetime. Now not only will the CBMF be forever with us every BIKE month, we can also use the system at: school dances, movie in the park night, late night farm parties and much much more.

The Pedal Powered generator is as follows: we have an eight foot steel frame with a steel bar running down the middle. Four trainers are welded to the frame and hold four back tires of bicycles to the bar. The spinning of the wheels spins the bar. The bar is connected with a pulley to a 550 watt motor, wired to a charge controller wired to a deep cycle car battery hooked up to a Pure Sine Wave 1500 watt PowerBrite inverter.