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BEC's Community Forum Series

BEC's Climate Community Forum Series

2021 Series - Community Resilience and Climate Change

Butte Environmental Council’s Community Forums series continues in 2021 with a focus on community resilience and climate change. Our 2021 Community Resilience Forums focus on transportation, urban development, shelter, wildfire, and food systems. Our forums aim to open conversations, provide information, and empower our community.

April 22, 2021 - Transportation and Climate Change - This is a FREE event! REGISTER HERE

BEC is hosting a Transportation & Climate Change forum on Earth Day, April 22nd! Join us from 6:00 - 7:30 PM to learn about local and regional transportation issues that affect climate change, and the steps we can take toward a more sustainable transportation network. Panelists will discuss efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Chico, Butte County, and Statewide through increased access to public transit, walking, biking, remote work, and more. Participants will have the opportunity to voice their ideas and shape BEC’s involvement in transportation advocacy.

Panelists: Cheri Chastain: Director of Sustainability and Energy, Chico State University; Jon Clark: Executive Director, Butte County Association of Governments; and Bryce Goldstein: BEC Board Member, Transportation Planner, Planning Commissioner

Virtual Zero Waste Forum - October 2020

Our watersheds deserve better.
Our October Virtual Zero Waste Forum is now available online for FREE HERE, with a panel of experts you really shouldn't miss! This educational forum aims to educate the public about waste reduction efforts in Butte County and beyond. Presenting their unique experience, tactics for waste reduction and points of interested we all should be paying attention to are Valerie Meza - Butte County Recycling Coordinator, Emily Donaldson - Recycling And Rubbish Education Program Coordinator, Becky Holden - Recology Zero Waste Specialist, Beba Greer - Sierra Nevada Brewery Sustainability Program Manager, and Andy Keller - ChicoBag President and Inventor

 Housing & Climate Forum - Nov. 2019 & February 2020

Empowering citizen advocates and grassroots environmental efforts have been leading roles of the Butte Environmental Council for more than 40 years. In our region, we have found that environmental issues are often complex and the average citizen lacks the time or inclination to fully understand the details and root causes. BEC operates at the grassroots level through the lens that community involvement is critically important when human and ecological health are threatened by pollutants or mismanagement. At the heart of our ongoing strategy within our events and programs is assuring the public that making their voices heard on behalf of our environment is an imperative and positive process. 

Butte County has suffered recent exacerbated environmental challenges due to disasters like the November 2018 Camp Fire, flucations in temperatures, reduced supply in groundwater, and policy changes that favor corporate interest. These challenges have enforced the need to respond adaptively to Butte County communities; and we have done so with the ignition of a six part climate change focused community forum series. 

BEC piloted this program in August 2019 with a community forum style Chico Climate Action Plan Listening Session - the goal of this forum was to assist the Chico Sustainability Task Force to engage a broad and representative cross-section of the community in gathering priorities for inclusion in the soon-to-come updated Chico Climate Action Plan. the result of this pilot forum was a group of around 70 concerned community members critically discussing solutions together. BEC compiled a feedback document encompassing the community response that evening. Please take a look, HERE

Seeing the clear need for this platform, we launched the program to begin with a Housing & Climate Change Forum in November 2019 that brought together a panel of experts from GRID Alternatives, North Valley Housing Trust, City of Chico Planning, Chico Housing Action Team and Chico DSA. This panel focused on the intersection between housing and climate change on the basis that one year out from the Cap Fire disaster, housing has become one of our largest challenges for the future of Butte County.

 Community Water Forum - January 2020

To start off the year of 2020, January provided a relevant opportunity to host a Community Water Forum. Many critical and current Butte County water issues were discussed by our panel of experts including the Tuscan Water District, the Miocene Canal, the Paradise Irrigation District, hydropower and dams, climate change, water impacts and disadvantaged communities within that sphere, decision-making policy issues and power in water control. Our panelists, and other local experts in the room encouraged those in the community who want to continue to advocate for environmentally responsible water management to attend meetings like: Butte County Water Commission meetings, LAFCO meetings, and the Vina GSA Stakeholder Advisory Committee meetings. You can find updated information about when and where these meetings occur on the BEC Public Calendar page.

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