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Community Garden

BEC's Community Garden Program

We are so happy to be able to recognize, share and celebrate the incredible power of our soil and climate to provide us with the plants that we humans love; food, flowers and medicine. Putting our hands in the dirt has the power to heal our hearts and minds. The soil binds us to the cycles of nature and each other. Join us in this great community project!

Butte Environmental Council manages the Oak Way Community Garden, located at 8th Ave & Highway 32 (Nord). The garden is adjacent to the Oak Way Community Park. BEC entered into a no-cost lease with the City of Chico for the use of the land and we are now leasing out plots to members of the community.

Are you interested in gardening with us?

  • All Oak Way Community Garden Plots are currently filled!

  • If you are interested in renting a plot at the garden, please call the BEC Office at (530) 891-6424 and speak with our Business Manager, Anna. We will answer any questions you might have and place your name on a waiting list, you will be contacted as soon as one is available.

More About the Oak Way Community Garden


There are two main plot sizes, 15x15 and 25x25, and each plot comes with its own water spigot. Plot leases run March to February. Regulations and rates can vary each year, please call the BEC Office at (530) 891-6424 to inquire about the current year's rates.

A portion of the Oak Way Garden has smaller plots in various shapes and sizes that will be available in 2020. They range from sizes 4 X 8 - 8 X 16 and prices $30 - $65 per year. To inquire about these plots, please call the BEC Office.

Please Review Garden Rules & Agreements Here

Oak Way Garden, Butte Environmental Council