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Butte County Environmental Directory

Altacal Audubon Society

PO Box 3671, Chico, CA 95927


American Lung Association

10 Landing Circle, Suite I, Chico, CA 95926
530.345.5864, Fax: 530.345.6035



PO Box 4024, Chico, CA 95927


A.S. Chico Recycling Saturday Donation Center

Drop off center: 417 Cherry Street, Chico, CA 95928
530.898.5033, Fax: 530.898.6782


A.S. Environmental Affairs Council

BMU 203, CSU Chico, Chico, CA 95929
530.898.5701 or 530.218.5820
Fax: 530.898.6014

The Associated Students Environmental Affairs Council (EAC) consists of students, staff, faculty and community members who all work to increase the Associated Students (AS), university and community commitment to sustainability. This is achieved through influencing AS policies and campus advocacy. We aim to educate, empower and advocate on behalf of students about sustainability-related issues. Overall, the EAC will improve the synergistic relationships between the three aspects of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social.


Bidwell Park Foundation

P.O. Box 3223, Chico, CA 95927-3223
530.345.7265, Tom Barrett


Bidwell Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

PO Box 4005, Chico, CA 95927
530.343.9004 (Wildlife Help Phone)


Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance

PO Box 461, Chico, CA 95927


Butte County Local Food Network

Our vision for Butte County is to create a strong local food system as the basis of a strong local economy, anchored in a healthy community that thrives on neighbors helping neighbors.

Butte Creek Watershed Conservancy

P.O. Box 1611, Chico, CA 95927

The Butte Creek Watershed Conservancy was established to protect, restore and enhance the cultural, economic and ecological heritage of the Butte Creek Watershed through cooperative landowner action.


Butte Environmental Council

313 Walnut Street, Suite 140, Chico, CA 95928
530.891.6424, Fax: 530.891.6426


Butte Humane Society

For admin & dogs: 2579 Fair Street, Chico, CA 95928
For cats: 587 Country Drive, Chico, CA 95928
530.343.7917, Fax: 530.895.0726


California Conservation Corps

2725 Hwy 32, Suite F, Chico, CA 95973


California Native Plant Society

2707 K Street, Suite 1, Sacramento, CA 95816
916.447.2677, Fax: 916.447.2727

Originally formed in 1965 in the east bay region, the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) is a statewide non-profit organization of amateurs and professionals with a common interest in California's native plants. Our nearly 10,000 members work to promote native plant appreciation, research, education, and conservation through our five statewide programs and 34 regional chapters in California. Through membership in CNPS, Californians of all walks of life are able to support and engage in opportunities to experience and learn about native plants and their habitats, gardening and landscaping with native plants, restoration of habitat areas, and conservation issues throughout the state.


California Native Plant Society, Mount Lassen Chapter

PO Box 3212, Chico, CA 95927

California Wildlife Foundation & California Oaks

428 13th Street, Suite 10A, Oakland, CA 94612
510.763.0282, Fax: 510.2689948


California Sportfishing Protection Alliance

1248 East Oak Avenue #D, Woodland, CA 95776


California Wilderness Coalition

1814 Franklin Street, Suite 510, Oakland, CA 94612
510.451.1450, Fax: 510.451.1445

The California Wilderness Coalition (CalWild) protects and restores the state’s wildest natural landscapes and watersheds on public lands. These important wild places provide clean air and water, refuges for wildlife, and outstanding opportunities for recreation and spiritual renewal for people. CalWild is the only statewide organization dedicated solely to protecting and restoring the wild places and native biodiversity of California’s public lands.


Chico Creek Nature Center

1968 East 8th Street, Chico, CA 95928

Chico Creek Nature Center is the interpretive center for Bidwell Park. Programs feature nature walks and a Live-Animal/Living History Museum designed to encourage responsible interaction with the environment.


Chico Natural Foods Cooperative

818 Main Street, Chico, CA 95928
530.891.1713, Fax: 530.891.6066


Chico Peace & Justice Center

526 Broadway Street, Chico, CA 95928


Chico Velo Cycling Club

123 West 3rd Street, Suite 210, Chico, CA 95928
530.343.8356, Fax: 530.342.4646

Our sponsors, organized rides, and membership dues help us to advocate for all cyclists in Northern California and beyond. We represent your interests within organizations such as the Chico Bike Advisory Committee, BCAG Transportation Advisory Committee, Chico Parking Access Resource Committee and the California Bicycle Coalition. We develop and implement programs and work with other local organizations like the Butte Bicycle Coalition, Chico Cyclist Care Fund and the Butte Environmental Council to educate our community about bicycling and support local cyclists. 


Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE)

BMU Room 309, California State University, Chico, Chico, CA 95928
530.898.5817, Fax: 530.898.6431


Environmental Advocates (EA)

25 Main Street, Suite 102, Chico, CA 95929
530.898.4354, Fax: 530.898.4911

We promote environmental quality through education and advocacy. Interns are actively involved in local, regional, and global issues. Environmental Advocates is comprised of interns who share a concern for environmental quality and a willingness to work toward safeguarding the environment.


Friends of Bidwell Park

PO Box 4837, Chico, CA 95927

Friends of Bidwell Park (FOBP) is a park advocacy, non-profit organization formed in April of 2003.  FOBP received its IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit designation in January 2004.  Our focus is on preserving and protecting the natural resources of Bidwell Park, increasing community outreach that provides education and information about the park and its resources, as well as providing park volunteer opportunities.


Friends of Butte Creek

PO Box 3305, Chico, CA 95927

The Friends of Butte Creek work to protect, restore and enhance the natural habitats of wildlife in the Butte Creek Watershed.


Friends of Plumas Wilderness

PO Box 21, Meadow Valley, CA 95956

Friends of the River

1418 20th Street, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95811
916.442.3155, Fax: 916.442.3396


Habitat for Humanity

220 Meyers Street, Chico, CA 95928 | P.O. Box 3073, Chico, CA 95927


Humanity Rising

P.O. Box 528, Chico, CA 95927



Mill Creek Conservancy

The Mill Creek Conservancy is a 501C 3 non-profit corporation formed in 1994 by local landowners, members of the local community and others committed to preserving the Mill Creek Watershed for future generations.


The Nature Conservancy, Sacramento River Project

190 Cohasset Road, Suite 177, Chico, CA 95926
530.897.6370, Fax: 530.342.0257


Northern California Regional Land Trust

167 East 3rd Avenue, Chico, CA 95926

The Northern California Regional Land Trust is a non-profit organization that assists landowners and public agencies in the voluntary protection and conservation land and other natural resources. We recognize conservation of our working and wild land resources is essential to our region’s quality of life for generations to come.


River Partners

580 Vallombrosa Avenue, Chico, CA 95926
530.894.5401, Fax: 530.894.2970

At River Partners we recognize that all of our on-the-ground projects have next door neighbors and have the potential to affect local communities. Through scientific planning, communication with our neighbors, and careful implementation, our restoration projects balance the needs of wildlife and humans and bring value to California's communities.


Sacramento River Watershed Program

PO Box 9233, Chico, CA  95927


Sierra Club, Yahi Group

PO Box 2012, Chico CA 95927


Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign

P.O. Box 244, Garden Valley, CA 95633


The Stream Team

Our mission is to gather useful environmental information needed to protect the ecological health of the Big Chico Creek watershed, while engaging the local community in effective watershed stewardship.