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Why Support BEC?

Why should you be a Sustaining Member of BEC?  

Because what we fight for needs you!

Join hundreds of your neighbors in Butte County and the surrounding region and add your voice of support to Butte Environmental Council's important work of protecting our local natural resources for future generations. Over the past 45 years, BEC has led profound environmental advocacy efforts, organized consistent and large community wide events that physically impact the health of our local environment and has been at the forefront of environmental education through targeted programs and forums.
Becoming a Sustaining Member means you join the North Valley's leading environmental organization in solidarity to support its mission. No matter the amount of your sustaining donation, you will have the peace of mind knowing you are contributing to many more years of environmental work that will continue to adapt to the times we face as a community.  
BEC is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is completely tax deductible.
Help BEC Grow A Better Future!
Informed citizens, clean air, healthy soil, and a well-cared for watershed provide the basic roots we need for a thriving community. Since 1975, the BEC has been working to protect our environment and sustain our quality of life. In these times of economic hardship, BEC needs your support more than ever. Every little bit counts and if everyone gave a little, we could do a lot! BEC's dedicated volunteers and grassroots activists make your dollars go further. Each dollar of your support is "multiplied" by the effective work of dedicated volunteers. Please help us help the environment and grow a sustainable, vibrant community by donating today.
How does your donation contribute to the BEC fund?
  • Mobilized advocates watchdogging local government, giving the environment and you a seat at the table.
  • Educational community forums that inform concerned citizens about the issues and the opportunities that lay ahead.
  • Annual events like the Bidwell Park & Chico Creeks Cleanup and the Endangered Species Faire that engage the public in hands-on education and opportunities to make a difference.
What do you receive when you become a Sustaining Member?
You'll have the peace of mind knowing that you are committing to see change within your community. You'll know that your hard-earned dollars are put to work cleaning creeks to save our watersheds, teaching kids & adults about the importance of recycling and endangered species, and so much more. You'll also receive the following exclusives: 
  • Eligibility to serve on BEC Committees or the Board of Directors
  • Ability to vote in our Board elections each June
  • An invitation to our Annual Member Meeting

Become a BEC Angel

Angels go beyond contributing as a Sustaining Member. These individuals help provide critical support to our work by donating 35 dollars - 500 dollars every month. This reliable and substantial funding not only gives us the resources we need to engage in the ongoing battle to protect our environment, it also gives us the peace of mind knowing that in hard times, we can rely on them to see us through. BEC has over 100 'Angels' giving at this level and the grassroots foundation it provides is rare in our region. BEC's Angels are the heartwood of the organization's Tree of Life. 
Options for Angel Giving:
  • Choose "Angel" in this Donation Form and enter your monthly amount of $35 or more to begin an automatic recurring payment.
  • Call the BEC Office at (530) 891-6424 and speak with our wonderful Business Manager, Anna.
  • Send in a check each month to the BEC Office: 313 Walnut Street, Suite 140, Chico Ca, 95928.