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RARE Fieldtrips


One of the best ways to teach the importance of the 4R's is to show students where all of our waste is going!  A firsthand look at all of the waste produced in Butte County is incredibly impactful. A tour of the landfill is an opportunity to see that "there is no away." 

The Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility is south of Chico on Hwy 99.  Tours can be 45 minutes to an hour.  

Consider booking a tour of the EarthWorm Soil Factory on the same day, and see the beneficial results of recycling yard waste and grass trimmings through composting and vermicomposting. 

Teacher Testimonials 

When asked if the landfill fieldtrip was helpful: 

"Yes! It was the best part- we learned where our waste goes and how much of it can be avoided."

~Mr. Oliver, Marigold Elem., 5th Grade


"Yes, the team at the landfill are very good; what an eye opener!"

~Ms. Huru, Oakdale Heights Elem., 3rd Grade


"This was an eye opening experience for our students. They are now aware that space is a very valuable thing, and how we should not waste any of it."

~Mrs. Carson, Oakdale Heights, 6th Grade