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Water Conservation

The Butte Environmental Council's Watershed Program works in collaboration with other local non-profit organizations such as Altacal Audubon Society and California Native Plant Society to conserve rain water, capture and reuse wastewater, and provide habitat for native wildlife to thrive.

Rainwater Catchment   


Drought Information


Rebates and More

Are you a Cal water customer? You may qualify for rebates, free sprinkler nozzles, and free conservation kits. For more information and to sign up visit Cal Water's website

Water Conservation in the media

Check out this BEC article in Growing Up Chico about local water, a water wisdom quiz and a quick and way to teach your kids about where their water comes from.

Chico News and Review highlights water conservation and statewide conditions in this Spring 2014 article.

If anyone knows how important water is; it’s us folks up here in the north.  However, we are also pretty spoiled.  In 2013, the average Angeleno used 150 gallons of water per day, as opposed to the average Chicoan, who used 228 gallons.  Let’s not be too hard on ourselves just yet; according to CalWater, this amount is down from 280 gallons just a few years ago.  So! Congratulations to us...but we’ve got a ways to go. Click here to see Cal Water's Conservation report for Chico.