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Tree Registration

2020 Fall Tree Planting Campaign - Register here for your tree(s)

The Urban Forest Revitalization Project aims to increase the health of the City of Chico's Urban Forest and therefore amplify the benefits we receive from a thriving urban canopy. Planting the right trees in the right places reduces environmental impacts like vehicle related carbon emissions, heat related illness and noise pollution. A healthy urban forest provides peace of mind, flood control, healthy soils, habitat, shade, and water filtration. Thank you for being a part of this program and assisting the Butte Environmental Council and City of Chico reach our goals!

Before you register for your tree(s), please read the important information below.

Step 1) By registering to have 1 or more trees planted by BEC volunteers near your home, you are taking the pledge to water them for the first three years after planting. Each tree will need 15 gallons of water per week for 9 months of the year (March-October) when there is no significant rain. According to our calculations, over a three-year period it will cost $4.62 to water your tree. Your watering care is needed to keep your tree thriving until it is established enough to take care of itself. 

Step 2) When you access the link to register below, on the first page, there is a link to the "TreeKeeper" website. Click the link and enter your address in the white search bar at the top left of the page located under the TreeKeeper logo. Hit search. Your address will appear on the map with a symbol of yellow binoculars. Zoom in using the + symbol on the right hand side of the page. Look for the orange dot near your address. This is the location of where the tree(s) should be planted. Remember this location, and keep the tab open -- you will need it for the next step! If there are barriers in that spot that are not present on TreeKeeper website, email us at to identify the best planting location. 

Step 3) You have taken the pledge to water your tree(s) and you have the information you'll need to choose the correct location in the portal. With your personal tree coupon code handy, you are ready to use the Arbor Day Portal and sign up for your tree(s). Click the link below and follow the steps in the portal to complete the registration process! If you are having trouble finding your tree coupon code, please refer back to the letter you received in the mail from us. This tree registration is only open to Chico residents that have received a letter in the mail.

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