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Tree Registration

Residential Tree Planting Campaign - Register here for your tree(s)

The Urban Forest Revitalization Project aims to increase the health of the City of Chico's Urban Forest and therefore amplify the benefits we receive from a thriving urban canopy. Planting the right trees in the right places reduces environmental impacts like vehicle related carbon emissions, heat related illness and noise pollution. A healthy urban forest provides peace of mind, flood control, healthy soils, habitat, shade, and water filtration. Thank you for being a part of this program and for assisting Butte Environmental Council and City of Chico toward reaching our tree planting goals!

If you are interested in receiving a free tree, please read the important disclaimer below before filling out the Google form.

Disclaimer about receiving a free tree:

By expressing your interest in receiving a free tree, you acknowledge the personal responsibility of watering your new tree. This will ensure the tree successfully gets established and grows to provide much needed shade to your home. We require you to pledge that you will water the tree for its first three years.  Each tree will need 15 gallons of water per week for 9 months of the year (March-October) and when there is no significant rain during the winter months. According to our calculations, over a three-year period it will cost $4.62 to water your tree! BEC will supply an easy to use drip-irrigation device that takes just one minute to fill every week using a garden hose. As well as making tree watering very easy to do, deep drip irrigation encourages the roots to grow deep and strong.

To register for a tree, we must check to see if your address is in an eligible area. Check out this map below to see if your neighborhood is in an eligible part of town! 

If you have determined that your address is eligible, or if you are still not sure after checking the maps, then please fill out the Google Form below to the best of your knowledge. After filling out the form, one of the Urban Forest Outreach Coordinators will confirm your eligibility and reach out to you via email or phonecall to continue discussing the process about receiving a free tree. 

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