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SAVE THE DATE!  BEC's annual holiday party for members, board, staff and interns will take place on Friday, December 12, 2014.


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The Butte Environmental Council (BEC) is a non-profit environmental organization based in Chico, California. Our mission is to preserve and conserve the Earth’s natural resources, with particular attention to environmental issues in Northern California. BEC was formed in 1975 and throughout its 37 years, BEC has had a significant voice in shaping the environment and policies of Butte County and beyond.

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September 30, 2014

Highlights and Sticky Notes:Residents asked the city to remove 25 sycamores of different varieties, but considered a nuisance and safety hazard.Commissioner Mark Herrera asked the commission to use this situation as a stand to call for an urban forester to be hired by the city. His motion called for no further discussion of tree-related items until an urban forester was on staff. It has been over a year since the city had an urban forester.While Herrera's motion failed, it prompted the Park Commission's discussion about how important the urban forester is to the city, tree-related permits and what's happening to Chico's urban forest.
To punctuate his stance, Herrera left the council chambers at that point. Before leaving, he apologized to the applying residents for delaying their matter, but stressed the urban forest's significance to the community. The discussion also prompted Mark Stemen, chair of the city's Sustainability Task Force, to again criticize the Park Commission for failing to move forward on the Urban Forest Management Plan, which he said is basically done, but needs the commission's stamp of approval. He said this discussion might not have happened if the plan had been in place.
Tags: BEC, chico, treesby: rdifalco

September 23, 2014

Highlights and Sticky Notes:CHICO >> Four liquid amber trees removed from the parking lot of the Rite-Aid on Mangrove Avenue must be replaced with new trees, and shouldn't have been removed without an approved replanting program, a city official said TuesdayAfter some discussion about what trees were in the public right of way and private property, the city said the city's trees could not be and were not removed, but those on private property were.Mark Stemen, a board member with the Butte Environmental Council, was happy to hear trees would be replanted but said they cannot make up for the established trees that were lost.
"Once again this is the trouble you get when you don't have the urban forester position filled," he said. "Four individuals were massacred because of short staffing ... It's not just cops, cops, cops. We have holes in our city staff around the issue of the environment."Tags: BEC, chico, treeby: rdifalco

September 22, 2014

Highlights and Sticky Notes:CHICO >> For Lynsey and Jimmie Pratt, getting married in the Humboldt Community Garden was almost like getting married in their back yard.
The garden is where they spend a lot of their time, share tasks they love and hang out with friends.
When they thought about the perfect place to dive into the next stage of their lives, the garden made perfect sense.
A community garden is a shared piece of land, where each person gets a small plot. In this case, the garden is run by the Butte Environmental Council. Gardeners pay a small fee to cover the water bill.As far as the couple knows, they are the second to get hitched at the Humboldt Community Garden. The other couple had a very private affair.
Tags: BEC, garden, chico, Communityby: rdifalco

BEC News Interests

August 27, 2014

Highlights and Sticky Notes:SACRAMENTO -- The Assembly on Monday rejected legislation that would make California the first state to impose a ban on single-use plastic bags, but the bill could be heard again later this week.SB270 failed Monday on a 37-33 vote that crossed party lines after an hour-long debate largely focused on a 10-cent fee grocers can charge for bags.SB270 was recently amendment to say that fees on reusable bags could only be used for providing the bags and educational programs to encourage recycling.If it were to become law, it would take effect in 2015 for larger stores and 2016 for convenience stores. SB270 also includes $2 million for local manufacturers for worker training and assistance to shift to production of reusable bags.Time is running out for the bill, which must pass both the Assembly and Senate before the session ends this week.Tags: plastic, bags, california, banby: rdifalco

July 24, 2014

Highlights and Sticky Notes:OROVILLE >> An initiative aimed at banning hydraulic fracking in Butte County will not go before the supervisors Tuesday.
In June a group called "Frack Free Butte County" submitted petitions to Butte County, seeking to put a measure on the ballot that would ban the use of hydraulic fracturing in the search and or recovery of oil and natural gas in gas in the county.
The measure was tied up in a legal challenge until Wednesday when Superior Court Judge Robert Glusman directed the Clerk-Recorder's Office to go forward with counting and authenticating the signatures on the petitions.A press release issued by Clerk-Recorder Candace Grubbs, who is also the county's chief elections officer, said her office had conducted a random check of 500 signatures among the 8,748 on the petitions in an effort to "certify" the initiative to go to the supervisors Tuesday.
The release said the random check was inconclusive and Grubbs' office would have to conduct a check of all the names on the petitions.
For the initiative to be certified there must be at least 7,605 authenticated signatures.Tags: fracking, ban, Butte County, election, waterby: rdifalco

July 23, 2014

Highlights and Sticky Notes:CHICO >> An initiative drive aimed at banning hydraulic fracturing in Butte County has received judicial sanction to move forward.
Butte County Superior Court Judge Robert Glusman ruled Wednesday against an effort to halt the petition drive, organized by a group calling itself Frack Free Butte County, voided. The fracking ban could end up in front of Butte County voters in November.
The petition calls for a ban on all hydraulic fracturing in Butte County. Hydraulic fracturing, often called "fracking," is a technique that involves injecting water and chemicals under high pressure underground to create new or revive existing oil and natural gas wells.
Opponents of fracking claim it poses a serious risk of environmental damage including water pollution.Tags: water, fracking, Butte Countyby: rdifalco

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