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How can YOU get involved?


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Voulnteer to help review environmental documents.


Attend public hearings and demonstrations. Remember to bring your friends!


Donate to BEC and support our work protecting the land from irresponsible development, urban sprawl, and pollution.



BEC has championed Butte County's environment since 1975. In that time, we have built relationships, established trust, and inspired a wave of young people who have worked with us as interns and volunteers. We've also protected wetlands, open space, and human health; fought project proposals like the M&T Gravel Mine alongside farmers and orchardists; and spoken out on behalf of the environment consistenly through the Chico and Butte County general plan process.

Threats to habitat, species, ag land, air quality, watershed health, environmental justice, and open space are continual, and can be overwhelming. BEC tracks and assesses all of these areas, providing comment to give the environment a consistently strong and reliable voice.

The reason BEC is so effective as an advocacy organization is not because we're the most lavishly funded, or have the biggest staff.  Instead, our success is based on the strength and integrity of this community. Our advocacy work is an ongoing celebration of the many voices that make up BEC's one strong and unified voice.

We need YOU to keep speaking out, we need you to keep supporting BEC, we need you to keep caring, and we need you to believe that we can fight for the environment and win. We'll be here as long as we need to be, to protect our home.

Stand with us. Together we make an advocacy force to be reckoned with. 
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