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Is it time to renew your BEC membership? Please fill out the Membership Form below. Maintaining your membership ensures we can continue to do the ongoing work to protect and defend our land, air, and water through education, events, and advocacy. To stay up to date with the work we are doing and ways you can be involved, please join our monthly newsletter mailing list, HERE.

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Become a BEC member today and join the North Valley's leading environmental organization and the community of people behind it all.  Join hundreds of your neighbors in Butte County and contribute your voice of support to BEC's mission of protecting our local natural resources for future generations. BEC is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your membership donation is completely tax deductible.

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Angel donations are the heartwood of BEC's Tree of Life. Help provide critical support to our work by becoming an Angel, a monthly donor. This reliable funding gives us the resources we need to engage in the ongoing battle to protect our environment. It also gives you the advantage of knowing that your membership is always current, and that we needn't bother you with wasted renewal mailings or other solicitations.  BEC has over 100 Angel members who give monthly or quarterly.  The importance of a monthly donation, no matter how small, can't be overstated. Our Angels keep the lights on and our monthly budget in the black. We simply cannot do what we do without our Angels.