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Donate to Support BEC

Donating is easy! There are several ways to support BEC's work:



When you donate to Butte Environmental Council, your dollars support:
• Professional staff and consultants attending governmental meetings and giving the environment and you a voice.
• Educational forums that inform the public on important local environmental issues and provide tools for meaningful civic engagement.
• A streamlined organization that is capable of planning, coordinating, and producing the work needed to protect and preserve our land, air and water—working as a group we can accomplish much more than we ever could alone!

BEC's dedicated volunteers and grassroots activists make your dollars go further.  Each dollar of your support is "multiplied" by the effective work of BEC’s dedicated volunteers


Individual Donations

Your one-time gift is always welcome and can be allocated to a specific area of BEC’s work such as supporting our education or advocacy work, or a specific event or program.  Please contact BEC if your wish to give to a specific area, rather than to BEC’s general funds. Donations can be made through our secure online payment portal by clicking here, or you can mail your donations to us at: 

Butte Environmental Council
116 W. Second Street, Suite 3
Chico, CA 95928
Checks can be made payable to "Butte Environmental Council" or "BEC".

Become a BEC Angel

Help provide critical support to our work by becoming an Angel, or monthly donor. This reliable funding gives us the resources we need to engage in the ongoing battle to protect our environment. It also gives you the advantage of knowing that your membership is always current, and that we needn't bother you with wasted renewal mailings or other solicitations.

BEC has over 100 Angel members who give monthly or quarterly.  The importance of a monthly donation, no matter how small, can't be overstated. Our Angels keep the lights on and our monthly budget in the black. Angel donations are the heartwood of BEC's Tree of Life.

Options for Angel Giving:

  • Credit card: just provide us with your credit card number and expiration date and we will run your donation amount every month for you.
  • Automatic electronic deposit: This would require you to fill out the attached ACH form.  With this option, your donation will come out of your account automatically at the beginning of every month.
  • Bank-generated check: You can instruct your bank to automatically print and mail us a check monthly or quarterly.  Just call your bank to set this up and the checks will start arriving in our mailbox.
  • PayPal: Click here to donate through PayPal and check the box next to the Donation Amount to make your contribution a monthly donation. After you have entered the amount you wish to give, click the "Log In" button to do it directly through your existing account, or if you don't have an existing account and do not want to create one, but still wish to give click "Continue" under the section that says "Don't have a PayPal account?"

Just let us know what best suits your situation, or call 891-6424 if you have questions.  Thank you for your support!


Gift Memberships

Perfect for anyone who cares about protecting the environment! Your gift will help support BEC and advance all of our hard-hitting work to save the environment.  Your gift recipient will receive a year’s subscription to BEC's Membergram and our digital newsletter The Environmental Sentinel, which brings the latest, full-color news of our environmental campaigns and victories.

When you give this gift we'll send a personalized card or e-card to your gift recipient!


Make a Bequest to BEC

We are deeply grateful to those friends who, through their will or living trust, make a gift to support the environmental work of future generations.

Bequests are a flexible way to support the environment while maintaining control of your assets. Because bequests are revocable you can make changes to the provisions in your will or trust anytime in the future.  Click here for more details about making a bequest to BEC.


Donate Your Used Vehicle!

Donate your Car, Boat, Truck, RV, Jet Ski or Snowmobile to Butte Environmental Council and receive a tax deduction.  This no cost, no hassle process begins when you contact our fundraising partner, Donation Line LLC at 877-227-7487.  Make sure to ask for our extension 1865.  Or you can click here, “Donate Car.”


Annie B's Community Drive

Support Butte County's largest, most effective grassroots organization.  Your contribution directly supports our conservation efforts and will be applied where most urgently needed.

From August 1 - September 30, you can donate through the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF). The Annie B's Community Drive adds an additional percentage of money from their Foundation to your donation when you donate through Annie B's. Your entire donation, plus that additional Annie B's percentage, goes to BEC. Members, if it's time to renew, you can make your renewal through Annie B's with a donation of $35 or more ($20 for low-income). 

You can donate on the NVCF website, or write a check to Annie B's/Butte Environmental Council and mail to: 240 Main Street Suite 260, Chico, CA 95928

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